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Molecular and physiological hallmarks of seed ageing Cellular and molecular studies for the evaluation of the neurotoxic effects of medicinal mushroom supplementation and new platinum-based drugs. Integrated in vitro and in vivo approach
PhD Student Cycle PhD Programme Title of the Research Project
Branca Giulia XXXIV  GBMC Investigation on the multifaceted roles of Cockayne syndrome (CS) proteins
Cassaniti Irene XXXIV GBMC Mechanisms of immune control and immune evasion in EBV-driven lymphoproliferations
De Luca Fabrizio XXXIV GBMC Cellular and molecular studies for the evaluation of the neurotoxic effects of medicinal mushroom supplementation and new platinum-based drugs. Integrated in vitro and in vivo approach
Foscarini Alessia XXXIV GBMC Functional characterization of Tribbles pseudokinases in tumors of the gastro-intestinal tract
Gianella Maraeva XXXIV GBMC Molecular and physiological hallmarks of seed ageing
Garofalo Maria XXXIV GBMC LncRNAs as miRNAs sponges in neurodegeneration
Lombardo Gianluca XXXIV GBMC Genomic variation in human and animal populations
Postiglione Umberto XXXIV GBMC Genomics, bioinformatics and epidemiological analyses for the study of microorganisms of public health interest  
Rambaldi Migliore Nicola XXXIV GBMC Genomic and phylogenetic characterization of human and animal populations
Ratto Daniela XXXIV GBMC From neurons to brain network: a cellular approach in physiological and pathological conditions
Ticli Giulio XXXIV GBMC Investigation of role of p21-PCNA interaction in the DNA repair process
Zannino Lorena XXXIV GBMC Epigenetic modifications and chromatin condensation in eukaryotic cells
Abou Alezz Monah XXXIII GBMC Genomic characterization of human long non-coding RNAs
Belfiore Antonino XXXIII GBMC Strategies for reducing recurrence and development of 3D-organoid models in hereditary colorectal cancer
Floriano Anna Maria XXXIII GBMC Multidisciplinary investigation on "Candidatus Midichloriaceae" bacteria aimed at disentangling the origin of intramitochondrial tropism
Gualtieri Carla XXXIII GBMC miRNA and DNA repair in plants
Massari Marta XXXIII GBMC Functional and structural studies on the family of NADPH oxidases (NOX)
Palatini Umberto XXXIII GBMC  Genetic variability in the viral vector Aedes aegypti and its immune response
Pandini Cecilia XXXIII GBMC  Characterization of lncRNAs in neurodegenerative disorders
Priori Erica Cecilia XXXIII GBMC Morphological and molecular study of neurogenic process in development and adult mice with prolidase deficiency
Siciliani Stella XXXIII GBMC Spatial distribution of RNA and epigenetic markers on the chromatin surface
Trespidi Gabriele XXXIII GBMC Molecular characterization of the Burkholderia cenocepacia divisome
Valerio Federica XXXIII GBMC Exploring new methods of insect control
Visonà Silvia Damiana XXXIII GBMC  The pathobiology of the malignant pleural mesothelioma: morphological and molecular insights
Bassi Elisabetta XXXII GBMC Tumour progression and host-tumour interactions: the contribution of DDB2 (DNA Damaged Binding 2) to cancer aggressiveness
Civello Cinzia XXXII GBMC Pluripotent stem cell differentiation as in vitro model of cardiomyocyte toxicity
Fasciano Silvia XXXII GBMC Gene therapy for long QT syndrome: in vivo and in vitro models
Ferrari Beatrice XXXII GBMC Effects induced by new platinum compounds (IV) in nervous system tumors: microscopic and molecular analyses in vitro and in vivo
Ferri Debora XXXII GBMC Searching novel molecular and cellular functions of NER proteins"
Forti Chiara XXXII GBMC New plant breeding techniques to improve local varieties of rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Ginevrino Monia XXXII GBMC Genetic characterization and genotype-phenotype correlation of cerebellar and brainstem congenital defects
Guardamagna Isabella XXXII GBMC DDB2 (DNA Damaged Binding 2) interactions with proteins involved in DNA Nucleotide Excision Repair
Mancinelli Luigi XXXII GBMC Role of HMGB1 in vascular aging and calcification
Marconcini Michele XXXII GBMC Host-virus interactions: Aedes mosquitoes and arboviruses
Mattioni Marchetti Vittoria XXXII GBMC Multi-drug resistant and extensively-drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria of clinical interest: laboratory diagnosis, clinical management and infection control
Riva Valentina XXXII GBMC Role of human RNA helicase DDX3 in cell metabolism and viral infection and as a target for anticancer and broad-spectrum antiviral agents
Roberti Annalisa Manuela XXXII GBMC The epigenetic landscape of mammalian centromeres: a cytogenetic approach
Ursino Emanuela  XXXII GBMC Heterologous protein expression in Bacillus subtilis: bioinsecticidal activities 
Astesana Valentina XXXI GBMC Antitumour Platinum compounds on neural cell lines. Microscopical and biomolecular analysis
Brandi Ornella XXXI GBMC Use of DNA-damage induced RNA (DDRNA) mimics to enforce DNA damage response activation in the absence of DNA lesions 
Capodiferro Rosario XXXI  GBMC Employment of genetic markers to study the variability of human and animal populations
Cappelletti Eleonora XXXI  GBMC Role of the mammalian CENP-B protein in the epigenetic establishment of centromeric chromatin
Corbo Marco Alfonso Rosario XXXI GBMC The epigenetic establishment of mammalian centromeres
Kurtas Edit Nehir XXXI  GBMC  Involvement of Chromotripsis in Small Supernumerary Marker Chromosomes
Maffia Antonio XXXI GBMC  Establishment of a human cell line carrying PCNA K164 mutation through CRISPR/Cas technology
Marabelli Chiara XXXI  GBMC Structural studies on drug targets for cancer therapies
Mentegari Elisa XXXI  GBMC Role of reparative DNA polymerases and their post-translational modifications in pathways activated following genotoxic stress
Tedaldi Gianluca XXXI  GBMC New genetic factors in the development of familial and sporadic gastric cancer
Vecchia Luca XXXI GBMC Tackling "Wingless-related integration site" (Wnt) coreceptors by a structural and functional approach to design new cancer therapies
Armijos Rivera Jorge Isaac XXX GBMC Molecular anticancer therapy targeting cellular protein kinases
Barillà Cristina XXX GBMC Genotype-phenotype correlation and mutational analysis: two different approaches to study the pathogenetic processes
Bergamaschi Paola XXX GBMC Genetics of human populations. Studying the genotype variability in mothers and cord blood/newborns 
Bertoglio Barbara XXX GBMC DNA analysis in ancient and modern human populations
Cova Giulia XXX GBMC Investigation of the molecular causes of neurological disorders through next generation sequencing techniques
Di Cosimo Alessandro XXX GBMC Functional genomics of insects of medical and agricultural relevance
Di Maio Antonina XXX GBMC Response to DNA damage and organization of the cytoskeleton in cell models of chronic stress
Gozzo Francesco XXX GBMC Comparison of non-coding RNAs transcription among unic-sequence centromeres of Equus asinus and the homologous non-centromeric sequences of Equus Caballus
Masiello Irene XXX GBMC DNA methylation analysis in electron microscopy
Orena Beatrice XXX GBMC Identification of the mechanisms of action and resistance of new antitubercular drugs
Pistono Cristiana XXX GBMC Genetics and epigenetics in neuroinflammation
Pradella Davide XXX GBMC A genome-editing tool for the study of of the role of alternative splicing during angiogenesis
Raveane Alessandro XXX GBMC Analysis of genetics variability in human population
Savino Simone XXX GBMC Structure and function of glycozymes
Abou Khouzam XXIX GBMC New players in genetic predisposition to gastrointestinal cancer
Bitar Ibrahim XXIX GBMC Antimicrobial susceptibilities, drug resistance gene arrays and epidemic potential of Enterobacteriaceae and other Gram negative clinical isolates: novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.
Bono Bartolo XXIX GBMC Tumor heterogeneity analysis using in vitro transformed human cells
Brandini Stefania XXIX GBMC Genetic variability analysis in human and animal populations
Di Matteo Anna XXIX GBMC  Alternative splicing in the process of angiogenesis
Errichiello Edoardo XXIX GBMC Use of Next Generation Sequencing and other whole-genome strategies to dissect neurological diseases
Esposito Marta XXIX GBMC Study of the mechanisms of action and resistance of new antitubercular drugs
Insolia Violetta  XXIX GBMC Morphological, molecular and behavioural studies during the central nervous system development
Lombardi Anita XXIX GBMC Identification of epigenetic modifications of the genome associated with trichothiodystrophy
Lossani Andrea XXIX GBMC The tyrosine kinase AXL as a target for the treatment of lung carcinomas resistant to drug therapy
Manai Federico XXIX GBMC Identification of circulating miRNA markers in pediatric patients affected by celiac disease: a pilot study
Mazzagatti Alice XXIX GBMC Evolutionary new centromeres in the genus Equus: molecular dissection of the domain responsible of the centromere function
Mustafa Noor Hussein Mohammad XXIX  GBMC Application of Next Generation Sequencing technologies to a group of patients with different rare undiagnosed diseases 
Plumitallo Sara XXIX  GBMC Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia: molecular study of a rare disease
Reho Paolo XXIX GBMC Genotype-phenotype correlations in individuals with microdeletions/duplications: genetic and functional analyses
Santonastaso Alice XXIX GBMC Generation and Engineering of anti-Lp(a) antibodies for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
Savini Grazia  XXIX GBMC Identification of molecular and transgenic tools for the development of sex-specific markers in the tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus 
Uggé Martina XXIX GBMC NER and neurodegeneration
Zanetta Francesca XXIX GBMC Cell response mechanisms to DNA damage
Angeletti Francesca  XXVIII GBMC Development of preclinical experimental protocols to induce human tumor cell death
Aredia Francesca XXVIII GBMC Study of molecular mechanisms of resistance to chemotherapy: importance of tumor microenvironment
Badiale Claudia XXVIII GBMC  Characterization of the centromeric region in Equids’ Neocentromeres
Bongianino Rosanna XXVIII  GBMC Gene therapy experimental approaches in cellular and animal models of inherited arrhythmogenic cardiac diseases
Cerna Marco Fernando XXVIII  GBMC Development of a germplasm bank of orchids of Ecuador
Cremaschi Paolo XXVIII GBMC Analysis of the biological signals in high-throughput experiment data
De Nola Giovanni XXVIII GBMC Native structure of the MET receptor tyrosine kinase
Grimaldi Maddalena XXVIII  GBMC Cytochemical and molecular study of processes of cellular death induced by the platinum compounds (cisplatinum and PtAcacDMS) on neuronal, glial and organotypic cultures
Marabelli Monica XXVIII GBMC Hereditary tumors: a molecular and statistical approach for the analysis of susceptibility genes
Nacci Lucia XXVIII GBMC  Shwachman-Diamond syndrome (SDS): molecular study of the disease
Pignataro Daniela XXVIII  GBMC Analysis of splicing factors in a cellular model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Rappa Alessandra XXVIII GBMC Molecular methods applied to the histopathological diagnosis of cancers: from oncogenesis to predictive factors
Rovelli Cristina XXVIII GBMC Effectiveness and radiotoxicity of BNCT in animal model
Sabatini Maria Elisa XXVIII  GBMC Analysis of Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodiesterase isoforms Tdp1α and Tdp1β and role of chromatin remodeling in plants
Spadaro Francesca XXVIII GBMC A very promising drug against Burkholderia cenocepacia
Tagliacarne Sara Carlotta XXVIII  GBMC Identification of new cell populations in healthy subjects and / or subjects undergoing hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT)
Travaglino Stefano XXVIII GBMC Elucidating the organization of the mycobacterial mmpL3 locus
Battaglia Simone XXVII GBMC New antitubercular drugs: study of cellular targets, mechanism of action and of resistance
Bayindir Baran XXVII GBMC Genotype-phenotype correlation in medicine through genome wide approaches
Bertoletti Federica XXVII GBMC Role of double-strand breaks repair mechanisms (non-homologous end-joining, NHEJ) in tumor cells
Brambati Alessandra XXVII GBMC Study of mechanisms that preserve eukaryotic geneome integrity during replication-transcription conflicts
Caltagirone Maria Sofia XXVII GBMC Study of pathogenicity, resistance mechanisms and clinical impact of emergent Gram-negative pathogens: Klebsiella pneumonia and Acinetobacter baumannii
Cerutti Federico XXVII GBMC Study of the centromere function and the complex chromatin architecture of mammalian centromeres by using the species of the genus Equus (horses, asses, zebras) as model system
Galimberti Valentina XXVII GBMC Synthesis, degradation and export of RNA
Gandini Francesca XXVII GBMC Analysis of normal and pathological variation of human mitochondrial DNA
Guaman Luis XXVII GBMC Search for plant compounds with potential antitumoral activity
Kissova Miroslava XXVII GBMC Role of host-pathogen interactions between viral proteins and cellular cofactors in promoting HIV-1 pathogenesis and indentification of novel targets for antiretroviral therapy
Manni Mosè XXVII GBMC Insects genetics and genomics
Molinaro Valeria XXVII GBMC Mutation and expression analysis of CDH1 (E-cadherin) in Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer patients
Morini Jacopo XXVII GBMC Analysis of the SBDS gene role in Shwachman-Diamond syndrome
Motta Stefania XXVII GBMC Whole Genome Shuffling in Bacillus subtilis strains
Paolini Alessandro XXVII GBMC Forms of astrocyte cell death in cancer cells 
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