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Laura Bavagnoli

PhD in Genetic and Biomolecular Sciences - Cycle XXIV. Thesis title: The PDZ-ligand and Src-homology type 3 domains of epidemic avian influenza virus NS1 protein modulate human Src kinase activity during viral infection. Scientific supervisor: Dr. Giovanni Maga

Laura Boeri

PhD thesis title: Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia: identification of a novel deletion in ACVRL1 gene and hypothesis of its causing mechanism; updates on molecular, structural and association studies. PhD in Pathology and Medical Genetics. Cycle XXIV. Scientific supervisor: Prof. C. Danesino

Silvia Bonfiglio

PhD in Genetic and Biomolecular Sciences - Cycle XXIV. PhD thesis: Cattle genetic history unraveled by the analysis of mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome variability. Scientific supervisor: Prof. Luca Ferretti
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