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Corbo's curriculum


October 2015 – present: PhD student in Genetics, cellular and molecular biology.
2015: Master Degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics (110 e lode), University of Pavia.
2013: Bachelor Degree in Biological science (110 e lode), University of Palermo.
2009: High school leaving qualification in scientific studies, Liceo Scientifico Statale "Alessandro Volta" Caltanissetta.

2015: Thesis internship: “High Throughput sequence characterization of mammalian centromeric domain”
2014: “MBG” master degree student tutor, University of Pavia
2014: Sperimental biology laboratory student tutor, University of Pavia
2013: Thesis internship: “Characterization of a DNA fragment coding for a Small Heat Shock Protein in Anemonia Viridis”.

Molecular cloning
DNA extraction and purification
PCR and Real Time-PCR
Main online database consulting
LINUX, Microsoft e Macintosh knowledge
Laboratory instruments knowledge : autoclave, elettrophoretic devices, microscope, chemical and biological cabinet, etc
Next-generation sequence data analysis
Genome-wide bioinformatic analysis

Italian: native language
English: well-known

OS knowledge :
LINUX: Ubuntu, ANDROID, Red Hat Linux
Microsoft: Windows NT / 95 / 98 / XP / 2000 / 2003 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
Mac OS
LINUX Command line terminal “shell”
R: basic package

Able to plan a project experiment in my competent field
Obtain, analize ,and – interpret experimental data
Show and present data
Collect and analize data from scientific database
Student assistant of bachelor degree or laboratory


Epigenetic specification of the centromeric function in the absence of satellite DNA.
(SIBBM 2015 – Torino, 2015)
Badiale C, Nergadze SG, Cerutti F, Gamba R, Piras FM, Mazzagatti A, Corbo M, Cappelletti E, McCarter J, Sullivan K, Raimondi E, Giulotto E.

Functional organization of satellite-less equid centromeres.
(10th European Cytogenetics Conference – Strasbourg, 2015)
Nergadze SG, Cerutti F, Gamba R, Piras FM, Mazzagatti A, Corbo M, Badiale C, Cappelletti E, McCarter J, Sullivan K, Raimondi E, Giulotto E.

Functional organization of horse centromeres: a genome wide analysis.
(11th Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation International Equine Genome Mapping Workshop – Hannover, 2015)
Nergadze SG, Cerutti F, Piras FM, Gamba G, Mazzagatti A, Corbo M, Badiale C, Cappelletti E, Raimondi E, Giulotto E.

Research Project

The epigenetic establishment of mammalian centromeres
The centromere is the structure required for proper chromosome segregation during cell division. High level of protein homology and highly variable DNA sequences in different species strongly suggests that the centromeric function resides on its epigenetic features. After the horse genome sequencing (Wade et al. Science 2009), the first mammalian satellite-less centromere was discovered and then, in our laboratory, 16 donkey satellite-less centromeres were cytogenetically detected (Piras et al. PLoS Genetics 2010)
During my Master degree thesis project i studied sequence and features of 16 donkey satellite-less centromeres mainly through Next-generation sequencing and bioinformatic approach
During my PhD studies I will further analyze the features of the satellite-less centromeres in the Equus species(Horse, Donkey, Zebra) through Next-generation sequencing and high-throughput analysis to better describe DNA and chromatin characteristics of these regions.

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