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Caltagirone's CV

Caltagirone CV
Name: Mariasofia Caltagirone
Born in: Agrigento 08/09/1984
Nationality: Italian
e-mail: mariasofia.caltagirone01@ateneopv.it

Education And Training

a.a. 2011-2014
PhD in Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology.
“Camillo Golgi” Doctoral School in Life Science, University of Pavia, Italy
Scientific supervisor: Prof.ssa Roberta Migliavacca (DSCCDP UNIPV)
Research Topic: Resistance mechanisms, persistence and clinical impact of emerging Gram negative pathogens.
October 2010
Registration to the Italian National Professional Association of Biologists
June 2010
State examination for the license to practice as a biologist
University of Palermo
a .a. 2008/2009
Second Level Degree in Biomedicine, University of Palermo
Title of the thesis: “Surveillance of the colonizations of the Multi Drug Resistant organisms in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit”
Supervisor: Prof. Caterina Mammina e Dr. Ivana Guida
vote: 110/110 and honours
a. a. 2006/2007
First Level Degree in Biological sciences, University of Palermo
Title of the thesis: “ Autoimmunity in the study of the connective diseases”
vote: 110/110 and honours
Supervisor: Prof. Renza Vento e Dr. Tomaso Stampone
July 2003
Scientific High School Graduation “ E. Majorana High School” of Agrigento
Vote: 100/100

Work experiences

November 2011
PhD in Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology. Cycle XXVII
Supervisor: Dr.ssa Roberta Migliavacca

November 2010 - October 2011
Pharmaceutical firm Promedical s.r.l.
Type of employment: Blood components and inattivation of plasma and platelets sector near the Operational Unity of Trasfusional Medicine of the hospital “Di Cristina Benfratelli “ in Palermo
June 2010 - January 2011
Apprenticeship near the Operational Unity of Transfusional Medicine of the hospital “Di Cristina Benfratelli “ in Palermo
Apprenticeship near the clinical analysis laboratory of the Hospital "Villa Sofia" C.T.O. of Palermo

Technical skills

Basic techniques of Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.
Phenotypic tests for the detection of ESBL (DD; disc combination test) and carbapenemase (modified Hodge test, disc combination test), MIC in solid and liquid medium.
Technique of protein extraction, protein electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel, Isoelettrofocusing.
Characterization of plasmid: purification, conjugation, transformation, enzymatic digestion and detection of compatibility group.
Molecular typing: MLST (Multilocus Sequence Typing), Rep-PCR (Repetitive extragenic palindromic PCR) and PFGE (Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis).
Electrophoresis in agarose gel, PCR and RT-PCR.

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