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Telomeric transcription in genome integrity maintenance and carcinogenesis.

The longstanding dogma that telomeres are transcriptionally inactive regions of the genome was overturned by the discovery of telomeric repeat-containing RNA (TERRA). These non-coding RNA molecules have heterogeneous lengths, ranging from 100 nt to more than 9000 nt and are primarily generated by RNA Polymerase II-dependent transcription. Mounting evidence indicates that TERRA might sustain normal telomere homeostasis by functionally cross-talking with shelterin, the nucleoproteic complex protecting chromosome ends, as well as with telomerase, the enzyme responsible for the maintenance of the telomeric DNA. During my Master degree thesis I contributed to the isolation and characterization of subtelomeric CpG island promoters responsible for TERRA transcription. During my doctorate I will focus on study how TERRA promoters are regulated and determine the roles of TERRA in genomic integrity maintenance and carcinogenesis.
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