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De Gaetano research activity

During My Ph-D I study the origin of modern cattle through the analysis of the variability of two molecular uniparental instrument: mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Y-chromosome.

Analysis of the variability of mitochondrial DNA
On this matter my interest is study the control region of mtDNA and/or the complete sequence as a molecular tool to interpret and describe the philogeny of cattle, including the discovery of rare haplotypes, genetic signs of the ancient European aurochsen (Bos primigenius) in modern cattle.

Analysis of the variability of Y-chromosome
Until now, due to the absence of an annotated sequence of bovine Y-chromosome, the analysis of Y-chromosome variability was based on a limited number of polymorphisms which have led to the identification of only two haplogroups for Bos taurus (Y1/Y2) and one haplogroup for Bos indicus (Y3).
The aim of my research during the PhD, is identify new biallelic markers (SNPs) to improve the Y chromosome phylogeny of cattle. The research of new SNPs is performed through a bioinformatic-molecular approach.
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