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Multiresistance is considered to be a key indicator of problematic bacterial strains because it undermines empirical treatment regimens, thereby delaying the administration of appropriate antibiotic therapy, and it reduces the options of treatments that are appropriate. Both factors contribute to increased patients mortality, and limiting the spread of multiresistant strains is considerd to be an infection control priority. Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae have been reported worldwide. Carbapenems resistance determinants include b-lactamases of molecular Ambler class A (including KPC), B (metallo b-lactamases) and D (oxacillinases). The aim of this research is the screening (using the newly adopted EUCAST breakpoint) and phenotypical/molecular characterization of ESbL and carbapenemases producing strains widespread in Italy. The study will aim to understand the real diffusion of these multi drug resistant (MDR) strains and the mechanisms underlying the resistance; and to validate home-made and commercial diagnostic methods, useful for MDR isolates detection.
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