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Piazza's CV

Name and Surname: Aurora Piazza
Place and date of birth: Milan (MI), 29th December 1985
Nationality: Italian
Laboratory: +39 0382 984133
e-mail: aurora.piazza01@ateneopv.it

2010-present: PhD student in Pathology and Medical Genetic , at the laboratory of Clinical Micriobiology (Department of Morphological, Eidological and Clinical Sciences, Pavia).
Supervisor: Professor Laura Pagani.
2009-2010: Research fellowship on the topic: Cloning and expression of Mycobacterium tuberculosis genes involved in arabinogalactan biosinthesis.
2009: Master Degree in Experimental and Applied Biology at University of Pavia.
Thesis title: “Transcriptional analysis of Mycobacterium smegmatis MSMEG_2694-MSMEG_2696 genes. (Supervisor: Doctor Anna Milano).”
Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology.
Final score: 110/110 with honours.
2007: Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences at University of Pavia.
Thesis title: “Cloning and sequencing of atp operon in two mutants of Mycobacterium bovis BCG.” Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology.
Supervisor: Dott. Anna Milano.

Technical skills:
Microbiological techniques
Liquid and solid media preparation, sterilization techniques (autoclaving, ovens, filtration, UV rays), bacterial cultures, streaks and single colonies isolation, Gram and Ziehl- Nielsen staining, competent cells preparation and plasmid transformation by electroporation or heat- shock, transformation by conjugation, minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) determination by antibiogram with microdilution and macrodilution methods and Etest, or with authomathed systems (Microscan by Siemens), bacterial identification by API tests, phenotypical tests to detect ipothetical resistance determinants.

Molecular Biology techniques
DNA purification, plasmid and genomic DNA extraction and purification, gene cloning, PCR, RT-PCR and Real Time PCR. Sequence analysis by bioinformatic techniques. Heterologous expression and purification of recombinant proteins in E. coli. Molecular typing by Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis and biochemical analysis using isoelectrofocusing.

Informatic skills:
- Operating systems: Windows, Linux Ubuntu
- Software: Adobe Photoshop, Exel, Word, Power Point, Net browsers.

Linguistic skills:
Good knowledge of English.
Other languages: basic level of French and Polish.

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