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Dal Bo's CV

June 2010 : Master degree in Neurobiology at the University of Pavia with a thesis entitled “CEREBELLAR FISSURES MALFORMATION: MOLECULAR MARKERS OF NEUROTRANSMISSION” with 106/110
Supervisor: Prof. Graziella Bernocchi
February 2008: Bachelor degree in Biology at the University of Pavia with a thesis entitled “KCa CURRENTS INPUT IN DETERMINING THE REGULAR SPIKING NEURONS FIRING IN THE PERIRHINAL CORTEX OF THE RAT” with 102/110
Supervisor: Dott. Gerardo Biella
June 2004: high school scientific qualification at “Liceo Scientifico Niccolò Copernico”, in Pavia with 99/100
October 2010 : Ph.D. student in Cellular Biology (from October 2011: Ph.D. in Genetics, molecular and cellular biology) XXVI cycle, University of Pavia, Pavia. Scientific Supervisors: Dott. Maria Grazia Bottone; Prof. Graziella Bernocchi.
September 2009- June 2010 : Internship at the "Cellular Biology and Neurobiology Lab", University of Pavia.
February 2008- July 2009 : Stage at the "Experimental Neurobiology Lab”, Neurologic Institute "I.R.C.C.S. Casimiro Mondino", Pavia.
January 2007- February 2008 Internship at the “Fisiology and ionic channels Biophysics Lab”, University of Pavia.
November 2005- July 2006 Stage at the Territory Ecology Department- mycology section.
November 2010 : State exam for the qualification to the profession of Biologist
English: Fluid, spoken and written
French: Fluid, spoken and written
- fungal taxonomy and eco-physiology, toxicity testing using fungi
- electrophysiology methods: physiological solutions preparation, pulling, rat brain dissection
-cellular cultures methods, Western Blotting, In Cell Western Assay (Odissey), immunoprecipitation, ficoll ring and peripheral blood purification, PCR.
-Immunohistochemistry in bright field and fluorescence on cerebellar and hippocampal sections, immunocytochemistry, fluorescence, confocal and bright field microscopy, inclusions for electronic microscope TEM.

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