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Arrigoni Laura's CV

Laura Arrigoni
Current Position: student of the Genetics and Biomolecular Science PhD Programme, University of Pavia.
Current Address: Institute of Molecular Genetics- CNR, via Abbiategrasso, 207, I-27100 Pavia.

Date and Place of Birth: 3 May 1985, Vigevano (Pavia)
Nationality: Italian
E-mail: arrigoni@igm.cnr.it

2009-present. Third year student of the Genetics and Biomolecular Science PhD Programme (XXV cycle), University of Pavia.
2004-2009. First class with honours, Master of the Institute for Advanced School (IUSS), University of Pavia. Supervisors Proff. C.A. Redi, F.A. Peverali and L. Manzo.
2009 Professional qualification of Biologist
2007-2009. First class with honours, Master Degree in Experimental and Applied Biology, University of Pavia, supervisor Dr. F.A. Peverali, Institute of Molecular Genetics, National Council of Research.
2004-2009. Alumna of the Collegio Ghislieri.
2004-2007. First class with honours, Bachelor Degree in Biological Science, supervisor Dr. Cinzia Calvio, Dept. of Genetics and Microbiology, University of Pavia.

Mother tongue: Italian
English: TOEFL iBT (grade 73/120), 9 November 2007

Computer Skills
- Windows, Mac OS X.
- Microsoft office: Excel, Word, PowerPoint.
- Specialized software: Bioinformatic tools for functional genome analysis. ImageJ and Metamorph (microscopy software), APE (plasmid editor), Kodak 1D3.5 LE USB (electrophoresis image acquisition), QuantityOne (chemioluminescence image acquisition), ImageQuant (Typhoon Trio Amersham control software), LightCycler480 SW 1.5 (Light Cycler 480 Roche control software), EndNote and Papers (generation of papers library and bibliographies)
- Digital imaging software: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Gimp, Inkscape.

Technical Skills
Molecular biology: endpoint PCR, competitive PCR and Real Time qPCR (SyBR Green and TaqMan Probes), Splinkerette PCR. Genomic DNA extraction and PCR purification. Isolation of nascent DNA by sucrose gradient. Cloning (classical methods and commercials, e.g. Gateway technology® and TOPO TA cloning® Invitrogen). Plasmid preparation and purification in Escherichia coli strains. Agarose and acrylamide gel electrophoresis.
Bioinformatics: in silico analysis of DNA sequences (BLAST, plasmid maps). Sequence analysis with main databases (i.e. NCBI, UCSC)
Biochemistry: recombinant protein production and purification with histidine or GST tags in bacterial strains. Native or denaturant protein purification. SDS-PAGE, NuPAGE® (Invitrogen), Western Blotting. Chromatin Immunoprecipitation assays.
Cell Biology: fluorescence microscopy (basic methods). Eukaryotic cell colture. In vitro transfection of tumor cell lines with liposomes. RMCE (Recombinase-Mediated Cassette Exchange) with Cre ricombinase. Luciferase reporter expression assays.

National and International Awards
2010-2011. Collegio Ghislieri Scholarship for PhD and Master Students in Biomedical Sciences.
2009-2010. Collegio Ghislieri Scholarship for PhD and Master Students in Biomedical Sciences.
2009. Awards “Pii Quinti Sodales” of Collegio Ghislieri for the best BSc thesis of the 2005-2008 years in the Medical School, Pharmacy and School of Biological and Natural Sciences.
2006. Awards for the Excellence in Lombardy “Genialitą ed eccellenza nella normalitą della scuola lombarda. Studenti eccellenti 2005”, Innovation and Internationalization of Human Resource, at EXPO, Milan.
2004. Awards of the Japanese Innovation and Invention Institute (JIII), Tokyo for the project “Research of effective methods about the staining of plant tissues”.
2004. Awards of the Italian selection for 16th European Union of Young Scientist for the project “Research of effective methods about the staining of plant tissues”, Federazione Associazioni Scientifiche e Tecniche (FAST), Milan.

Working and Teaching Experience
2010: didactical activity as a tutor for the course “Bioinformatics”, MSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics, University of Pavia.
2003-2008: volunteer activity as rescuer in Vigevano blue cross ambulance service.
2003: summer internship in the lab of chemical analysis, ASM Vigevano water treatment centre.
2002: summer internship in the clinical laboratory of Beato Matteo Clinic of Vigevano.
2001-2003: Enaip competence certification: knowledge of European normative of biological and chemical risk in closed environment, and knowledge of basic statistical methods for data analysis.

Meeting and Workshop
Chromatin & Epigenetics @Milan, IFOM-IEO Campus, 18 october 2011
1st Workshop AriSLA: “Nuove prospettive di ricerca. Per un futuro senza SLA!” Milan, 29 september 2010
“La gestione funzionale del tempo”, IUSS Workshop, Pavia, 20 september 2008

Outside interests and hobbies
Bright field microscopy, sport (kayak, fishing, skating, Telemark/backcountry skiing, backpacking and trekking). Scouting activities.

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