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Grimaldi's curriculum


Personal information:
Name and Surname: Maddalena Grimaldi
Date and place of birth: 16/02/1987, Benevento, Italy
e-mail: maddalena.grimaldi01@ateneopv.it
Department of Biology and Biotechnology
Cellular Biology and Neurobiology Lab. Scientific Supervisor: Prof.ssa Maria Grazia Bottone

Education training:
November 2012-present: PhD student in Genetics, molecular and cellular biology, University of Pavia.
May 2012: Master degree in Biology at University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy, with a thesis, written in English, entitled “Role of the ubiquitine-proteasome system and the neurotrophic factor BDNF in the regulation of synaptic proteins”. Final score: 110/110 cum laude.
July 2009: Bachelor degree in Biological Sciences at University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy, with a thesis entitled “Role of nitric oxide in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases”. Final score: 110/110 cum laude.
July 2005: High school classical qualification at “Liceo Classico Pietro Giannone” in Benevento, Italy.

Professional experiences:
November 2013-December 2013: Laboratory Assistant for the course of Cytology and Histology, program in Biological Sciences, University of Pavia.
March 2011-September 2011: Erasmus Placement project. Internship abroad at the “Centre for Neuroscience and Cell Biology”, University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal. Research activity in the “Neuronal Cell Death and Neuroprotection Laboratory”.
September 2011: NeuroRetreat meeting in Coimbra, Portugal. Presentation and discussion of a topic entitled “Role of GRASP-1 in synaptic plasticity” in BDNF and synaptic plasticity session.
October 2008-January 2009: Internship at “Azienda Ospedaliera G. Rummo”, Benevento, Italy, in clinical and diagnostic laboratories of biochemistry, microbiology and immunology.

Personal skills:
Italian: mother tongue
English: good, spoken and written
Portuguese: spoken and written

Technical skills:
Immunohistochemistry and immunocytochemistry
Confocal, fluorescence and bright field microscopy
Protein extraction and quantification (Bradford, Bio-RAD and BCA methods).
SDS-PAGE and Western blotting analysis
Proteasome activity assay
Rat brain dissection and isolation of hippocampus
Hippocampal synaptoneurosomes isolation
Cell cultures
Stimulation and transfection of cellular line

Informatic skills:
MS Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). Image processing and data analysis: Image J, GraphPad, Paint Shop. Scientific databases (NCBI, EBI, BLAST).

Research project  

Cytochemical and molecular study of processes of cellular death induced by the platinum compounds (cisplatinum and PtAcacDMS) on neuronal, glial and organotypic cultures.

Research activity concerns the study of neurotoxicity effects and drug-resistance induced by the chemotherapeutic cisplatin and a new platinum compounds, PtAcacDMS, in rat and human neuroblastoma and glioblastoma cell lines and in organotypic cultures. The mechanisms of cell proliferation and initiation of the processes of cell death (apoptosis and autophagy) are investigated by means of cyto- and histoimmunochemistry, molecular techniques, fluorescent and bright field microscopy. Particular attention is focused on activating pathways, cell organelles and components. The cytotoxicity of cisplatin is ascribed to its interaction with DNA, whereas the targets of PtAcacDMS are primarily proteins and enzymes involved in the induction of apoptosis. Moreover, the PtAcacDMS is accumulated in neoplastic cells more rapidly than the other one.


Santos AR, Mele M, Kellermayer B, Grimaldi M, Rombo DM, Comprido D, Sebastićo AM, Duarte CB. Differential role of the proteasome in the early- and late-phases of BDNF-dependent LTP. (Neuropsychopharmacology, submitted).

Grimaldi M, Dal Bo V, Piccolini VM , Barni S, Veneroni P, De Pascali SA, Fanizzi FP, Bernocchi G, Bottone MG. [Pt(O,O’-acac)(gamma-acac)(DMS)], a new platinum compound, induces cell death in glioblastoma human cells (U251).
XV Congress of the Italian Society of Neuroscience. October 3-5, 2013. Rome, Italy.

Dal Bo V, Piccolini VM, Santin G, Grimaldi M, Baracco EE, Veneroni P, De Pascali SA, Fanizzi FP, Bernocchi G and Bottone MG. PARP-1 cleavage in response to treatment with cisplatin and new platinum compounds on neural cell cultures.
XXV Italian Meeting “ADP-ribosylation reactions”. May 31-June 1, 2013. Pavia, Italy.

Dal Bo V, Piccolini VM, Santin G, Grimaldi M, Barni S, Mazzini G, Veneroni P, De Pascali SA, Fanizzi FP, Bernocchi G, Bottone MG. Effects on neuroblastoma cell cultures of Cisplatin and PtAcacDMS (a new platinum compound).
XXXI National Conference of the Italian Society of Cytometry GIC. October 8-11, 2013 Lucca, Italy.

Bottone MG, Piccolini VM, Santin G, Dal Bo V, Grimaldi M, Barni S Veneroni P, De Pascali SA, Fanizzi FP, Bernocchi G. Cisplatino versus PtAcacDMS: studio dell’induzione di morte cellulare in cellule di neuroblastoma di ratto (B50). 59° Convegno GEI. June 9-12, 2013. Varese, Italy.

Piccolini VM, Esposito A, Dal Bo V, Grimaldi M, De Pascali SA, Fenoglio C, Bottone MG, Fanizzi FP, Bernocchi G. Sviluppo del Sistema Nervoso Centrale e trattamento con composti del platino: la neurotrasmissione nel cervelletto del ratto. 59° Convegno GEI. June 9-12, 2013. Varese, Italy.

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