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Dottorandi - Research Projects
PhD Student Cycle PhD Programme Title of the Research Project
Agostini Vincenzo XXXVII GMBC Ancient and modern genomes in human and animal populations
Bellinzona Greta XXXVII GMBC Innovative omics approaches for the characterization of microbes
Gaiaschi Ludovica XXXVII GMBC Glioblastoma: combination of advanced therapies for overcoming drug resistant
Gentile Federica XXXVII GMBC Experimental and bioinformatic approaches to identify novel tumorigenic pathways
Giardina Federica Anna Maria XXXVII GMBC Molecular Epidemiology and Pathogenetic markers of SARS-CoV-2 and other respiratory viruses
Griffo Adriano XXXVII GMBC Evaluation of seed quality with non-invasive methods
Kozak Nataliia XXXVII GMBC Archaeogenomic analyses of human populations
Maghraby XXXVII GMBC Study of etiopathogenetic mechanism and development of advanced experimental models for leukodystrophies
Marchesini Federica XXXVII GMBC  
Ricciardello Roberto XXXVII GMBC New interactors in Polη pathway
Santoro Lucia XXXVII GMBC DNA Polimerase η in vivo tracking
Shridhar Gaonkar Shraddha XXXVII GMBC Improvement of primed seed qualityfor storage purpose
Sogliani Davide XXXVII GMBC Functional characterization of Endogenous Viral Elements in Aedes mosquitoes
Tedesco Novella XXXVII GMBC Neutralizing AAV vectors limitations in cardiac gene transfer
Bonacorsi Andrea XXXVI GMBC New therapeutic treatments to fight cystic fibrosis pathogens
Calrlassara Marina XXXVI GBMC Effects of different temperatures on Aedes albopictus gene expression and survival
Chero Osorio Ana Maria XXXVI GBMC Multi-species genomic analyses of pre and post-Columbian population dynamics in Central and South America
Dragoni Francesca XXXVI GBMC Molecular and immunological characterization of Aicardì-Goutières Syndrome and identification of a new study model for the pathology
Dueñas Conrado Jr XXXVI GBMC Investigating seed germination in biofortified rice
Esposito Francesca XXXVI GBMC Assessing potential pharmacological targets within DNA damage response in ALS cellular model systems
Favaron Cristina XXXVI GBMC Cellular and molecular studies in in vitro and post-mortem models for the investigation of new targets in malignant pleural mesothelioma
Pagano Paola XXXVI GBMC Investigating the molecular mechanisms of seed desiccation tolerance
Sola Lorenzo XXXVI GBMC The role of repetitive sequences in gene expression control
Soleymaninejadian Ehsan XXXVI GBMC  
Soresinetti Laura XXXVI GBMC Multidisciplinary approaches to study the reproductive biology of insects of agricultural and medical importance
Vargiu Giulia XXXVI GBMC Involvement of Y-family DNA polymerase eta in replication past Gquadruplexes
Zanoletti Lisa XXXVI GBMC Enteric glial cells: cellular and molecular analysis of an emerging player in intestinal homeostasis
Amin Abdelgadir Ahmed Wasma XXXV GBMC Pathways of antimicrobial drug-resistance in gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
Batisti Biffignandi Gherard XXXV GBMC Development and use of bioinformatic methods for the study and surveillance of infective agents
Bontà Valeria XXXV GBMC  Valorization of agroindustrial waste through Bacillus subtilis fermentation
Carriero Francesca XXXV GBMC Molecular mechanisms that regulate the processes of death in cancer cells
Casali Claudio XXXV GBMC High-resolution analysis of nuclear epigenetic modifications and chromatin structure
Celli Ludovica XXXV GBMC Characterisation of long non-coding RNAs splicing in physiological and pathological conditions
Colombo Giulia XXXV GBMC Genomic variation in human populations
Dal Molin Matteo XXXV GBMC Identification and validation of nucleotide variants in inherited cancer predisposition genes by Next Generation Sequencing
Di Bello Antonella XXXV GBMC  Structural characterization of the receptor LPR4
La Rosa Francesca XXXV GBMC  Dysfunctional mitochondria in CPVT: the path to a new treatment?
Nardi Tiago XXXV GBMC Genomic and evolutive characterisation of symbiotic bacteria
Pellegrini Angelica XXXV GBMC Regulation of metabolism and virulence in Streptococcus agalactiae
Branca Giulia XXXIV GBMC Investigation on the multifaceted roles of Cockayne syndrome (CS) proteins
Cassaniti Irene XXXIV GBMC Mechanisms of immune control and immune evasion in EBV-driven lymphoproliferations
De Luca Fabrizio XXXIV GBMC Cellular and molecular studies for the evaluation of the neurotoxic effects of medicinal mushroom supplementation and new platinum-based drugs. Integrated in vitro and in vivo approach
Foscarini Alessia XXXIV GBMC Functional characterization of Tribbles pseudokinases in tumors of the gastro-intestinal tract
Gianella Maraeva XXXIV GBMC Molecular and physiological hallmarks of seed ageing
Garofalo Maria XXXIV GBMC LncRNAs as miRNAs sponges in neurodegeneration
Lombardo Gianluca XXXIV GBMC Genomic variation in human and animal populations
Postiglione Umberto XXXIV GBMC Genomics, bioinformatics and epidemiological analyses for the study of microorganisms of public health interest  
Rambaldi Migliore Nicola XXXIV GBMC Genomic and phylogenetic characterization of human and animal populations
Ratto Daniela XXXIV GBMC From neurons to brain network: a cellular approach in physiological and pathological conditions
Ticli Giulio XXXIV GBMC Investigation of role of p21-PCNA interaction in the DNA repair process
Zannino Lorena XXXIV GBMC Ultrastructural studies on the heterochromatin organization and nucleolar activity in hepatocytes during ageing and under cell stress
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