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1) PELLICCIARI C., MARCHESE G., BOTTONE M.G., MANFREDI ROMANINI M.G.(1987): Kinetics of DNase I digestion in interphase chromatin of differentiated cell nuclei of the mouse: a flow cytometric study. Bas. Appl. Histochem., 31, 501-509.
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Articoli su libro:

1) BOTTONE M.G., GIANSANTI VINCENZO, VENERONI PAOLA, SCOVASSI A. IVANA, BERNOCCHI GRAZIELLA, CARLO PELLICCIARI. (2010). The Apoptosis-Inducing Factor (AIF) Moves from Mitochondria to the Nucleus and Back to the Cytoplasm, during Apoptosis. In: Oliver L. Svensson. Mitochondria: Structure, Functions and Dysfunctions. Hauppauge NY 11788-3619: Nova Science Publishers.
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