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Bertone research activity

The activity of research was addressed to the in situ demonstration of different enzymatic activities on experimental tumors, cultured cell lines and organs of amphibians and mammals, using enzymehistochemistry, immunohistochemistry, optical and electronic microscopy and digital image analysis. In particular:
- Studies on different enzymatic activities (LDH, DHFR, G6PDH, XOR, PNP, Peroxidase, Catalase, Acid and Alkaline Phosphatases, ROS, Anti-BrdU) on experimental tumors (Ehrlich carcinoma), on mammalian (rat and mouse) liver, amphibian liver, cell lines (fibroblasts and EUE) and on human bioptic specimens.
- Studies on liver morphofunctional modification in amphibians (Rana esculenta, Triturus alpestris, Triturus carnifex e Speleomantes ambrosii) both in activity and in hybernation condition. Variation in the content of melaninic pigment, causes of those modifications, scavenger activity of enzymatic system like Catalase and Superoxide-dismutase was also considered.
- Characterization of the dynamic of tumoral microenvironment, particularly of the rising process of hypoxia and angiogenesis, and their role in the response to therapy.
- Characterization of cultured cells of rat myocardium by means of alkaline phosphatase and xantine oxidoreductase.
- Studies on hepatic microenvironment in pre-neoplastic stages of transgenic mice, with regard on the liver stem cell activation (oval cells) and also of hemopoietic stem cells (extramedullary hemopoiesis).
- Morpho-functional studies with electron microscopy on toxic effects of xenobiotics in the liver of amphibians
- Effects of cerebral ischemia in rat and characterization of NOS activity in relation with autofluorescence patterns
- From 2001 the studies are mainly focused on the preservation of the liver for transplant, especially regarding the ROS activity in relation to different preservation solutions (Celsior and UW)
- Presently he studies the effects of ischemia/reperfusion on biliary compartment in a obese rat liver model (Zucker), useful to assess the possibility of reimplantation of marginal livers. In particular, he is developing innovative techniques to characterize the activity of trans-membrane transport enzyme like Dipeptidyl-aminopeptidase-IV (DPP-IV), gamma-glutamil-transpeptidase (γ-GT), Alkaline Phosphatase and 5'-Nucleotidase.
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