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Bertone's CV

Born in Valenza (AL) Italy, November 11, 1960


• 1988. Degree in Biological Sciencies, University of Pavia.
•1989: Visiting scientist at the Department of Anatomy and Physiology of Dundee University, UK, under the guide of Prof. Peter Stoward.
• 1989-1991 PhD in "Cytochemistry and Cytomorphology" at the Dept.of Animal Biology, Lab. Comparative Anatomy of the University of Pavia. He studied application of fluorescent markers (Nile Red, Acridine Orange), on enzyme histochemistry of LDH, G6PDH, SDH, DHFR, Catalase and quantification by means of digital image analysis.
•1989 -1996 he tutored the students during Experimental Biology Laboratory (course in Biological Sciences), Comparative Anatomy and Embryology (course in Biological Sciences and Natural Sciences).
•1990: attendance at an updating corse on Digital Image Analysis held by Carl Zeiss Italia
•1991 - 2000 he held seminars on digital image analysis for the courses of Experimental Cytology, Animal Cytology and Cytochemistry and Histochemistry, writing-down the Course’s theoretical material for the students.
•1991 Visiting scientist at the Academish Medisch Centrum, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Biology Cellular and Histology Laboratory under the guide of prof. C.J.F. Van Noorden
•1992-1994: PhD in Cytochemistry and Cytomorphology at Dept. of Animal Biology, Lab. Of Comparative Anatomy, University of Pavia.
•1992: updating stage on utilizationd of Digital Image Analysis techniques at the “Istituto Oncologico "Felice Addarii”, Ospedale S. Orsola di Bologna, under the guide of Dott. Pasquale Chieco
•1992: winner of a grant for junior researcher of the Italian Society of Histochemistry to present her work in progress to the 9th International Congress of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, Maastricht, The Nederland, August 30 – September 5 1992
•1993: he attended at the theoretic-practical corse on "New methods in Immunohistochemistry" organized by DAKO-Italy at U.S.S.L. 76, Casale Monferrato (AL)
•1993 - 1994: voluntary work at U.S.S.L. 76 of Casale Monferrato (AL), Patologic Anatomy and Cytopatology, under the guide of Dott. P.G. Betta, M. Pavesi e M. Pastormerlo. He performed an evaluation of the ploidy in mammary and vescical tumors with a double approach (Feulgen reaction + Image Analysis with System CAS Becton-Dickinson) and flow cytometry (propidium iodide fluorochromization + Cytofluorimetry with Ortho Cytoron). With her background knowledge he actively cooperated in the introduction of the flow cytofluorimetric analysis in the hospital routine.
•1994: Winner of an open competition for a position of Technical Assistant, Animal Biology Department, University of Pavia. During this period he continued the previous research. Expert in informatics, he studied and applied methods of enzimatic cytochemistry, immunocytochemistry and advanced techniques of optical microscopy (bright field, phase contrast, interference differential contrast (DIC), fluorescence , digital acquisition.
•1994 period of job as volunteer lasting 6 months at the Hospital “Clinica Cittą di Pavia”, Oncological Thermotherapy Division directed by Prof. P. Pontiggia. He learned to co-cultivate in vitro fibroblasts and tumoral cells to realize an adoptive immunotherapy, stimulating subpopulations of lymphocytes with Interleukin-2 and/or Phytoemagglutinin (PHA)
•1998: partecipation to the “Advanced Course on Video Enhanced Microscopy and Fluorescence Techniques in Cell Biology”, German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg (Germany) organized by prof. M.F. Trendelenburg
•2000: partecipation to the Workshop “Cell Imaging System” organized in Milan at DIBIT - Ospedale S.Raffaele by “Immagini & Computer” (Bareggio, MI)
• 2002 he cover the position of Researcher non confirmed - Comparative Anatomy and Cytology) at the Department of Animal Biology, University of Pavia.
• 2005. he was confirmed as RESEARCHER (sector BIO-06) at the Department of Animal Biology, University of Pavia

•1994: he held a teorethical-practic course on enzymatic histochemistry lasting one week at the l'Istituto di Farmacologia e Farmacognosia dell'Universitą di Trieste, inder the auspicies of the “Fondazione Carlo e Dirce Callerio”. He teached the theory and methodological realization of the enzymohistochemical techniques for the visualization of G6PDH, Acid and Alkaline Phosphatase, LDH, of the fluorescence techniques with Acridine Orange for nucleic acids and Nile Red for lipids applied to a experimental mouse model treated with drugs based on ruthenium as antitumoral
•1994-2001: he was involved as organizer, teacher and tutor in the pilot project "Continuing Education on Microscopy Techniques for Biologists and Doctors - Biomedical Imaging" within the
“Leonardo Da Vinci Programme”, Project Leader: Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen, Germany. Partners: Deutsche Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany; Institut für Allgemeine und Experimentelle Pathologie, Innsbruck, Austria
•1995: he attended the course “Optical microscopy techniques and microphotography” held by Dr. Heinz Gundlach (Carl Zeiss, Oberkochen - Germany) and the Symposium “Il Rinascimento della microscopia ottica: verso una biologia molecolare in situ” . He held the seminar “Digital Image Analysis and Videodensitometry”.
•1996: he held the seminar “Evaluation of subcellular sites of enzimatic activities in optical microscopy” in the Symposium “Sviluppo delle tecniche di microscopia ottica e progresso delle conoscenze in biologia cellulare”
•1996: he held a teorethical-practic course on enzymehistochemistry at Istituto Superiore Di Sanitą, Roma, Cellular biology laboratory, Physics Biochemistry unit directed by Prof. Franca Podo. He performed the techniques of visualization for G6PDH and Nile Red fluorochromization on cell cultured.
•2001: partecipation as organizer and teacher to the Master “Techniques of Microscopical Analysis in Biology”, directed by Prof. Carlo Pellicciari and organized at the Animal Biology Department of the University of Pavia; he held the seminar “Acquisition ed Analysis of Microscopic Images”.
•2002: he held the seminar "Acquisition and Elaboration of Digital Bioimages” within the “Corso di Formazione Permanente in Metodi e tecnologie Citometriche”, Universitą di Pavia
•2002: partecipation as organizer and teacher to the Corso di Formazione Permanente in Microscopia Ottica e Microfotografia “IX Basic Course on Light Microscopy and Photomicrography Techniques “ valid as Formative Activity for Surgeon (in particular Anatomo-pathologist) E.C.M. credits = 48
•2003 – 2005 partecipation as organizer and teacher to several Digital Microphotography Courses, helding seminars on acquisition and elaboration of digital bioimages”
• 2005 partecipation as organizer and teacher to the Theoretical-practical course on Cytometric methods and technology” organized by the Societą Italiana di Scienze Microscopiche – SISM –at the University of Pavia.
•2005: he held, invited, a seminar on “Acquisition and elaboration of digital bioimages” within the improving course “Il nuovo percorso dell’immagine istologica: le acquisizioni digitali” at the University of Brescia
•2005: he held, invited, a seminar on applicative methods of the digital image analysis in the ambit of the Didactic Seminars, Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Brescia
•2006: partecipation as organizer and teacher to the course “Immunocytochemistry In Multicolor Fluorescence And Digital Microphotography” at the Animal Biology Department, University of Pavia
•2007: partecipation as organizer and teacher to the Theoretical-practical Workshop “Riconoscere biomolecole in situ: problemi e soluzioni a microscopia ottica ed elettronica” at the Animal Biology Department, University of Pavia.
•2004 -2011: he held, charged by the Faculty Of Sciences of the University of Pavia, the Course “HUMAN ANATOMY” (7 CFU) within the Degree Course of Biological Sciences, Human Biology and Biomedical Sciencies (BUSB).

He's co-author of 35 scientific papers on international and national journals with referee, 6 book chapters, and 107 congress communications. He has an H-index of 8 (1990-2010)

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