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The comprehension of molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of human diseases with a complex, multifactorial genetic inheritance, requires today bioinformatic and biostatistic approaches able to integrate and interpret the huge amount of informations derived from genome-wide studies. Recent technological improvements, that have made possible the analysis of human diversity at different molecular levels, resulted in the development of new strategies in human genetic studies aimed at the identification of genetic determinants, at the comprehension of their interactions and of molecular mechanisms involved in susceptibility to complex disorders. The study of these genetic determinants requires today the use of suitable bioinformatic and biostatistic approaches and the development of new methodologies for the comprehension of complex biological systems regulating normal and pathological human physiology.
To this aim, the goal of ongoing studies is the the application of new biostatistic and bioinformatic tools for
-the identification of genetic determinants involved as risk-factors in cardiovascular disorders, in particular in stroke
-the identification of anomalies in molecular pathways, as gene-expression or alternative splicing, acting as susceptibility factors for complex diseases.
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