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Biamonti research activity

The scientific activity of Giuseppe Biamonti focuses on the characterization of fundamental aspects of the biology of human cells such as DNA replication and RNA processing. Concerning the replication studies, he contributed to the identification and characterization of the human DNA replication origin associated with the Lamin B2 gene.
For what concerns the RNA metabolism, he showed that heat shock induces the transcriptional activation of large heterochromatic pericentric portions of the human genome formed by long tandem arrays of Satellite III repetitive DNA. Sat III RNAs remain associated with sites of transcription giving rise to a novel nuclear structure that he called “nuclear stress body”.
More recently his interests focused on the analysis of alternative splicing deregulation in cancer progression. He showed that the level of splicing regulator SRSF1 controls the transition from epithelial to mesenchymal cell by modulating the splicing profile of the Ron proto-oncogene. He also showed that the level of SRSF1 transcripts are regulated at the post-transcriptional level through an alternative splicing events that directs the SRSF1 RNA to degradation via the Non-sense mediated RNA decay pathway.
Dr. Biamonti is co-author of 94 publications on international journals. H-index = 34

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