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Cariplo Course 2012

Dear students,

the international course “From molecular and cellular pathways to human health: insights from basic research” funded by Fondazione Cariplo (Organizers: Prof. Antonio Torroni, G. Nadia Ranzani, Orsetta Zuffardi, Giuseppe Biamonti and Chiara Mondello) will be the last course of the current academic year and will take place between june 4th and june 8th, 2012..

Course attendance and the final exam are mandatory for students of the PhD Programs: Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology; Pathology and Medical Genetics and Cellular Biology.

Please find below a link to download the final course schedule. The course will be intensive, with lessons and laboratories in morning and afternoon sessions. Three PhD students from the laboratories of three teachers (Han Brunner, Diana Baralle and Natalia Pellegatta) will join in for the course.

All of you are expected to prepare a poster to illustrate your research project, with a summary of the results obtained so far as well as the anticipated outcomes of your work. Posters should be 90x120 cm and list the PhD Programme you are enrolled into, the name of the Department/Institution hosting you and the name of your scientific supervisor. Posters will be on display in the "Botta 2" hall from june 5th to june 7th and will be discussed wednesday 6th afternoon. Please prepare posters in english.

Seek us if you wish further details and explainations


Elena Raimondi e Chiara Mondello

Final programme Corso Cariplo

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