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Genome instability and neoplastic transformation

Genome instability is a hallmark of cancer cells. The acquisition of successive genomic alterations through several different mechanisms is the engine of neoplastic transformation. The interest of our laboratory is focused on the stepwise process of transformation and on mechanisms causing genomic instability. We have developed a telomerase human fibroblast cellular system in which restoration of telomerase activity has been followed not only by immortalization, but also by the acquisition of the neoplastic phenotype. During culture propagation, immortalized cells became more malignant, as shown by a decreased latency in tumor development when injected in immunocompromised mice. By comparing cells at different stages of propagation, we have managed to identify some cellular and molecular alterations specifically associated with different phases of transformation. We are currently interested in exploiting this cellular system to deepen our knowledge on the cellular and molecular heterogeneity of tumor cell populations, in particular, on the possible pathways involved in the genesis and maintenance of tumor cells with stemness characteristic and high tumorigenicity.

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