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Mondello's CV

1980: Graduation in Biological Sciences cum laude, University of Pavia, Italy.
1984: Advanced Studies in Genetics cum laude, University of Pavia, Italy.
1987: PhD in Genetics and Molecular Biology, University of Pavia, Italy.

Professional positions
1981: Fellowship of the University of Pavia, Istituto di Genetica Biochimica ed Evoluzionistica of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR).
1982-1983: CNR Fellowship, Istituto di Genetica Biochimica ed Evoluzionistica, CNR, Pavia (Italy).
1984-1985: Post-doctoral EMBO Fellowship, Imperial Cancer research Fund, London (UK).
1986-2001: CNR Researcher, Istituto di Genetica Biochimica ed Evoluzionistica, CNR, Pavia, Italy.
1992-1994: Professor a contratto, University of Pavia (Faculty of Science).
2001-present: Senior Researcher, Istituto di Genetica Molecolare of CNR, Pavia, Italy.
2002-2009: Member of the Scientific Committee of the Istituto di Genetica Molecolare of CNR.
2005-present: Member of the CNR list of: "Esperti in gestione progettuale".
2016-present: Member of the Scientific Committee of the Istituto di Genetica Molecolare of CNR.

Member of the New York Academy of Science.
Member of the Italian Genetic Association.

Editorial activity
Member of the Editorial Board of “Stem Cell Discovery”, “ISRN Genomics” and “ScienceJet Journal”.

Leadership in projects
1995-1997: AIRC project: Genome Instability in XP fibroblasts used as a model to study cellular transformation».
1996-1998: Partner in the EU BIOMED 2 Concerted Action: «Mammalian chromosome stability and cancer».
2001-2003: Partner in the EU project “Telomere instability and the formation and transmission of radiation induced DNA damage”.
2003-2005: Partner in the EU project “Telomeres and radiosensitivity of individuals”
2004-2008: FIRB Project from Italian Ministry of Research “Nuovi sistemi cellulari per studiare la riparazione delle rotture a doppio filamento del DNA in cellule di mammifero”.
2007-2010: Project funded by Fondazione Cariplo “Genomics of tumor progression using a model cellular system.”
2012-2014: Project funded by Fondazione Cariplo “Optofluidic chips for the study of cancer cell mechanical properties and invasive capacities”

Reviewer activity
Reviewer for the following scientific journals: European Journal of Cancer; Proc. Nat. Acad. Science USA; BMC Medical Genetics; Mechanisms of Ageing and Development; Biochimie; Cytogenetics and Genome Research; Molecular Cancer Research; Carcinogenesis; Mutation Research Rewiew chapters in Springer books.
Evaluator of scientific projects for Swiss Cancer League, Swiss National Science Foundation and Belgian FNRS (Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique).
Member of the panel of evaluators for the Projects launched by the Italian Minestero dello Sviluppo Economico, in the framework of the “Fondo per la crescita sostenibile”.

Research activity
The main research interests have been: study of DNA repair in mammalian cells: isolation and characterization of UV sensitive mutants; cytological aspects of DNA damage. Molecular analysis of the terminal region of the human X chromosome short arm. Chromosomal instability in mammalian cells: mechanisms of origin of rearranged chromosomes and their role in cellular transformation and senescence. Telomere metabolism in mammalian cells. Interstitial telomeric sequences. Factors and genes controlling gene amplification in mammalian cells. Use of in vitro cellular model systems to study the process of neoplastic transformation and cancer stem cell generation.

She is author of 90 full papers, 4 chapters in books and 105 Abstracts of Meetings. She has been the Editor of the book “Multiple Parthways in neoplastic transformation.” Transworld research network. Kerala (India).
H index: 24 ISI web of knowledge; 27 Google Scholar.
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